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In an attempt to flex my literary muscles for NaNoWriMo, this happened this morning (despite being relatively short, unpolished, with far fewer points and personal flaws covered than I would have liked)… 1. Most men seem to approach me as some sort of novelty. I will be the first to admit that in the grand […]

Challenge accepted. -Aimee P.S. -It be on.

It has, once again, been a while. Life has been magical and amazing… and at the exact same time frustrating beyond all reason. On the good side, I have a new(ish) phone/almost tablet, and a wireless keyboard, which, I’m hoping will allow me to pick up writing again. On the bad side, my laptop is […]

Well, I’ve been once again busy doing background stuff (like setting up files, mailing myself my label maker (I mailed it out to myself when I was back home in good ol’ economically depressed Michigan for Labor day weekend), waiting on the website redesign (my designer of choice has been crazy busy, good busy, but […]

Well, the weekend went pretty fast… I got stuff done… a lot actually, but none of it being remotely useful for the site, much to my personal frustration. Ah well, I’ll see what I can plunk through this week while getting ready to fly back to Michigan for the holiday. -Aimee

Things are moving along, the new site template is currently being worked on somewhere out in Kentucky, hopefully to some vigorously played banjo music (it seems like it would be sacrilege to code to anything else whilst being in a state known for having amazing (and often times banjo based) bluegrass). I’ll be testing out […]

It was confirmed that my project was not included in this year’s SoundCloud fellowship this year, however, it appears that they’re still extending a bit of a helping hand (there may be a bit of a chance for a little tweet promotion, etc.), so after some reorganization, likely this weekend (well, we’ll see, I have […]

Well, I haven’t heard anything in regard to the SoundCloud fellowship, which makes it seem safe to assume that my project wasn’t chosen. So, for the moment I’ve pulled what I had up, and I’ve put everything that I had worked on in the background to the side for the rest of the week, and […]

Shapes filter through my ears- Sound vibrations Building pictures Scenery and landscapes That can be felt Through the body Mind And heart- — I’m working a bit on wrapping the pages up. Even if the template won’t be ready for a bit, I can get the content slapped online. I’ve been listening to Disc 2 […]


The weekend turned out to be fairly productive, my cookie recipe scored a little over 350 downloads over the weekend with the free promotion, which gives me a good baseline for the next swing of promotion that I’ll be doing with it (if my project is excepted for the soundcloud fellowship look for the next […]

In celebration of my Birthday I present you with: ~ Top Ten Official (Aimee Sanctioned) Ways to Celebrate National Aimee Day (08/08) ~ 1. Throw a big, month long, nerd party (bonus points if it’s vegan). 2. Bake some vegan chocolate chip cookies and consume them (vigorously) (free download August 10, August 11, and […]